AmbienteParco is a beautiful public park located close tu the historical center of Brescia. AmbienteParco founded by an Engineers Group, involved in planning and marketing on sustainable mobility systems, able to co-operate with the institutional bodies. AmbienteParco has been enlarging its capabilities since 2010, in order to realize a Science Center on Sustainability, establish experts on strategic Marketing for Public Service, Graphics and Communication, Technicians on sustainable electric and hydraulic plants, Pedagodist on Education on Sustainability, and a manager of museums.

During its first year experience on education, AmbienteParco has designed and organized:

  • Electric Mobility Festival, on May 2010
  • Solar Festivoltaic, on October 2010
  • Lighting Festival, on February 2010 and 2011
  • Interactive Exhibition “Semplice e Complesso”, designed by CNR-Italy, October 2010 – May 2011

Co-operation for the events:

  • Green Quiz, on June 2010 (
  • Wellness in the park September 2010 (
  • AmbientFestival Maj 2011 (
  • YOUNICEF Festival June 2011 (
  • Punto di Vista – Photographic exhibition June 2011 (
  • Conference on “Smart lighting and energy saving, technologies for local authorities” June 2011 (
  • Cultural meeting with music and round tables about environment, mobility, … July 2011

AmbienteParco has designed Natur.Acqua exhibition on water resources (realized by CNR – PSC; start up on September 2011).

AmbienteParco has organized edutainment activities and workshops for schools and summer schools on water, air, transport, electricity, and renewable energies.

70.000 visitors were in AmbienteParco in 2010, to visit our exhibitions, to work, to go to the restaurant, to meet people or to exercise in the park, or to sunbathe.

Business companies and institutional bodies are choosing AmbienteParco for its meetings, workshops and conferences.


Address: Largo Torrelunga 7 (piazzale Arnaldo) IT-25121 Brescia (Bs)
Phone: +39 030 361347
Director: Ing. Cristina Guerra (